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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adventures in Colorwork

I am finally back from my leadership adventure and settling back in at home.  It was an intense experience to say the least and included a 27 hour trek in the wilderness.  Unfortunately, there was less time for knitting than I had anticipated so I just finished the scarf yesterday and spent some time blocking it last evening. 

I took some shots of the scarf pre-blocking to show you how my attempts at the jogless stripe went.  This first picture is a good illustration of what happens if you just knit normally.  You can see a noticeable jog in the stripe at the beginning of the round.

In this second photo, I slipped the first stitch after I had completed the color change round.  In this case, after I had added a round of white.  As you can see the jog is much less noticeable. 

In this photo, I slipped the first stitch after completing both color changes.  So in this case, after a row of white and then after completing a row of blue.

In my opinion, the last technique produced the best results.  However, you'll notice that my fabric is looser in that area due to the number of slipped stitches.  I tired all three methods with the single row changes and wasn't pleased with any of the results.  My opinion is that for a single color changes row, just knit normally and plan to block.

And speaking of blocking, my next post will detail my adventures in spray blocking so stay tuned!

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