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Friday, October 28, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas....

Do you know what this pile of knitting says to me?

Christmas is coming!!!  I decided to knit something for all my family members again this year...and in some cases more than one item per member.  I know...I'm a crazy person.  This means for the last month I've been living in essentially a knitting sweatshop of my own creation.  But the good news is I'm making some progress!

So far I've completed:

1.  A hat and mitten set for my niece, Brooklyn.

2.  A matching cowl for my Sister-In-Law, Sarah.

3.  Two speedy cowls for Sammy's preschool teachers.

4. A Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf for my Mimi.

5.  Harriet the Hippo for Sammy's stocking stuffer.

Not too shabby huh?  Unfortunately, here's what I left to do...

1.  Two pairs of socks, for my Mom and Mother-In-Law
2.  A sweater and hat for Sammy.
3.  Another Hippo for Brooklyn.
4.  Some sort of hat for Sammy's Speech Therapist.
5.  These completely awesome golf club covers for my Brother.
6.  An undetermined present for my Dad.
7.  An undisclosed gift or two for Matt (I know you're reading baby).

Think I can do it??  I'm starting to get concerned.  I think if I do the math I have to finish a project or two a week until Christmas is here.  Hmmm...I'm a crazy person....

Luckily I have a great support system that includes this cutie

who is always by my side, even while I'm trying to take pictures! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Boy

Exactly 26 months ago today, I met the most wonderful person in the world and finally got to see this face.

It's hard to believe but that little bitty baby has turned into a very busy, active, curly headed, kind hearted, funny, sweet, and talkative little boy.

The last few years have been nothing short of the most awesome adventure I could have ever dreamed.  Who knew a heart could hold this much love.  My cup runneth over Sammy!

Of course I had to knit something special for the birthday boy and nothing says I love you like a birthday monkey!  

The pattern is Cheeky Monkey.   Check out my project page for more details on the knitting.